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American History Studies


Review 1584-1676

Session 1: Reasons or goals why they came to America

Session 2: Review New England 1621 – 1676

Session 3 Spain

Session 4 Florida

Session 05 New Mexico

Session 06 California

Session 07 Spanish Texas

Session 08 New France

Session 09 Britain in the New World

Session 10 Review of the British Colonies

Session 11 Major Achievements of the British Colonies

Session 12a African Americans in the British New World

Session 12b West African Society at the Point of European Contact

Session 12c The Growth of Slavery

Session 12d Slave Life on the Farm and in the Town

Session 12e When did Slavery Come to an End

Session 12f A New African-American Culture

Session 12g Free African Americans in the Colonial Era

Session 12h Slavery in Colonial British North America

Session 13 Review

Session 13a The Beginnings of Revolutionary Thinking

Session 13b The Impact of Enlightenment in Europe

Session 13c The Great Awakening

Session 13d The Trial of John Peter Zenger

Session 13e Smuggling

Session 13f Tradition of Rebellion

Session 13g “What Is the American?”

Session 14a Introduction America’s Place in the Global Struggle

Session 14b New France

Session 14c The French and Indian War

Session 14d George Washington’s Background and Experience

Session 14e The Treaty of Paris (1763) and Its Impact

Session 15a Introduction The Events Leading to Independence

Session 15b The Royal Proclamation of 1763

Session 15c The Stamp Act Controversy

Session 15d The Boston Patriots

Session 15e The Townshend Acts

Session 15f The Boston Massacre

Session 15g The Tea Act and Tea Parties

Session 15h The Intolerable Acts

Session 15i Unusual and Little Known Events Leading to Independence

Session 16a E Pluribus Unum Introduction

Session 16b Stamp Act Congress

Session 16c Sons and Daughters of Liberty

Session 16d First Continental Congress

Session 16e Second Continental Congress

Session 16f Thomas Paine’s Common Sense