The American Left Has Won

July 6, 2016

By Steve McCann
The Democrats in the House of Representatives recently staged a theatrical sit-in ostensibly demanding that they, as an oppressed and victimized minority, be allowed to vote on additional gun control measures. This childish attempt to mimic the demonstrations attendant to the union organization drives of the early 20th Century and the civil rights movement of 1960’s was produced by myopic fools who do not seem to understand that they have won… Continue reading “The American Left Has Won”

Howdy Folks…!

We are in Year Three of the Doc Owen Show on Internet Radio and social media.  Due to your support, our success has been heart-warming.  We have owned the various technology renditions of “DocOwenShow” from the very beginning.  It is now time for “nuclear activation”…a blog!

Thanx to the participation of our Doc Owen Show historian, Uncle Baci, we will be using this platform as the center of our activities.  Uncle Baci has added to his on-air role the charter of getting us started on WordPress, the platform of all professional bloggers.

And, as if that were not enough, the Executive Co-Producer of the Doc Owen Show, Ima Surefire, in addition to her on-air contributions and control management, will make certain our growing audience has a continuum of valuable content and connections.

We look forward to having you join us here and all over social media as we “Deliver Truth to Youth!”  So, stay tuned…!