Wake Up! Here Are 8 Facts About The Civil War You Probably Didn’t Know

By Chuck Yarling

America’s Real Civil Rights History

September 7, 2017

By The American Civil Rights Union

Democrats claim that they have always supported equal rights for black Americans and that Republicans are racists who always oppose them.

Both claims are flat-out lies. From its founding in 1854, the Republican Party led the fight to end slavery and then eradicate the racist Jim Crow system that held blacks down right up to securing the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Democrats opposed the Republicans at every turn. Continue reading “America’s Real Civil Rights History”

Saving the Country from Its Own Government

September 1, 2017
By Scott S. Powell
Make no mistake. Removing statues and monuments related to the Confederacy, which is driven by the left, is not about redressing the legacy of slavery and racism, but rather it’s to advance the agenda to take down the United States. There is, after all, enormous leverage for the left in transforming historic monuments of America’s past into symbols of racism and oppression. It’s like giving a new set of crowbars and sledgehammers to America’s internal enemies to help them further pull apart the unity of the American people, divide the electorate, and bludgeon their political opponents and particularly the present populist president, Donald Trump — to arouse yet more hatred and animosity toward him. Continue reading “Saving the Country from Its Own Government”

Waiting for a Republican Rollback of Government? Don’t Hold Your Breath

08/27/2017 Gregory Bresiger
The Republicans failed on health care, but now they are offering a new plan for tax and spending cuts, with a promise of smaller government.
But the GOP, with few exceptions, seems about as credible as the Democrats and their flawed, small-business killer, Obamacare. Many of the Democrats are people who subscribe to a socialism without doctrines; a kind of backdoor collectivism. So now, as they expect the Republicans to fail and lose control of Congress, naturally many of them are waiting for their chance to ram a single payer health care system down the throats of already overtaxed Americans. Continue reading “Waiting for a Republican Rollback of Government? Don’t Hold Your Breath”

Fascism’s Karl Marx Is The Man The Left Doesn’t Want You To Meet

Aug 20, 2017

olycom – giovanni gentile – GIOVANNI GENTILE

Originally posted at WND by Dinesh D’Souza.
“For fascism, the State and the individual are one.”
—Giovanni Gentile, “Origin and Doctrine of Fascism”
The myth that fascism and Nazism are phenomena of the right relies heavily on Americans not knowing what fascism and Nazism really mean, what those ideologies stand for. Leftists in academia and the media have worked hard to portray fascism and Nazism in terms of sheer demagoguery and generic authoritarianism, carefully concealing the ideological roots that would reveal fascism and Nazism’s true political colors.
Think about this: We know the name of the philosopher of capitalism, Adam Smith. We also know the name of the philosopher of Marxism, Karl Marx. So, quick: What is the name of the philosopher of fascism? Continue reading “Fascism’s Karl Marx Is The Man The Left Doesn’t Want You To Meet”

The Truth About Robert E. Lee That Liberals Hope You Never Hear

ON AUGUST 15, 2017 AT 5:24 AM

The removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee was the flashpoint that brought white supremacists to Charlottesville, Virginia, and reignited a national debate over Confederate monuments. But what do most Americans know about the Confederate general? Continue reading “The Truth About Robert E. Lee That Liberals Hope You Never Hear”

Taxation, Slavery, and Consent

Chris Calton

I could see no reason why I should, at the end of each week, pour the reward of my toil into the purse of my master. When I carried to him my weekly wages, he would, after counting the money, look me in the face with a robber-like fierceness, and ask, “Is this all?” He was satisfied with nothing less than the last cent. He would, however, when I made him six dollars, sometimes gives me six cents, to encourage me. (emphasis added) Continue reading “Taxation, Slavery, and Consent”

Take Down the Statues of Robert Byrd

August 17, 2017

By Daniel John Sobieski

President Trump had it right when, during his press conference on infrastructure he addressed the nonstop questions on Charlottesville, he asked if those obsessed with fears of white nationalism if they would also remove statues and monuments to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, both slave owners, in addition to the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Trump’s critics responded that while Washington and Jefferson were slave owners, they did not go to war to defend slavery. True enough, but also true is the fact that white nationalism had its roots in the Democratic post-Civil War south and that the KKK was founded by Democrats to suppress blacks liberated by the Republican administration of President Abraham Lincoln. Continue reading “Take Down the Statues of Robert Byrd”

Why the obsession with tearing down monuments is dumb & dangerous

Posted August 15, 2017, by Daniel Horowitz

Destruction of Confederate statue in Durham North Carolina

Protesters celebrate after toppling a statue of a Confederate soldier in Durham, N.C., Monday, Aug. 14, 2017. Casey Toth/The Herald-Sun | AP Images

My hometown, Baltimore, is one of the most violent and dysfunctional cities in the country. The failed policies of socialism, anti-family values, and “soft on crime” have taken one of the most famous cities down from a population of 900,000 in the 1960s to roughly 600,000 today. But never fear: The liberal leaders in Baltimore and other blue cesspools have discovered the perfect solution to avoiding the difficult policy challenges of our time — they have declared war on Robert E. Lee. Continue reading “Why the obsession with tearing down monuments is dumb & dangerous”