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The Pied Pipers of the Millennials

June 12, 2017

By Christopher Chantrill


A couple of weeks ago, John O’Sullivan was confidently writing about the British Conservative Party finally getting it all together, and uniting the three strands of Toryism — the economic freedom and enterprise of Thatcher, the nationalism of Churchill and Disraeli, and the skepticism of Peel and Lord Salisbury — into a real political force at last. And I wrote approvingly of this prospect on my blog.

Well, so much for that. After the British General Election on June 8, we are being taught that Corbyn’s leftism is in the driver’s seat, powered by the enthusiasm of Millennials.


You can see why. Our liberal friends have been doing a great job indoctrinating Millennials into leftism in every school and university. So when the Millennials get into quasi-adulthood they get enthusiastic about real, fire-breathing lefties like Corbyn in Britain and Sanders in the U.S. Of course they do.

This leftification is not universal: it is an elite phenomenon. In this piece on enthusiastic Corbyn voters, the millennials-on-the-street all seem to be students, actresses, and “charity workers” that talk in complex sentences. And they are rallying to Corbyn as the Bernie Bros rallied to Sen. Sanders, via the eternal promise of free stuff: free university education.

Of course! After having made college education ruinously expensive through decades of reckless subsidies, the left now wants the educational equivalent of “single-payer” so that all the kids can afford to go to college and major in intersectionality and dump the cost off on “the rich.”

This week we also have been privileged to hear Valerie Jarrett descant on the pure and non-political nature of ObamaCare. Apart from the “unrefuted science” on global climate — Valerie, honey, it is logic that is refutable, not science — she worries “about the moms depending on ACA for all of the preventative care, and not to mention prenatal care, the wellness visits, and the cost of delivery.”

I agree, Valerie. Once you have made moms dependent on government, even for modest expenses like your ACA preventive health care, you put moms in a pretty insecure space, and there is nothing left to do but worry about the day when it will all be taken away. Why in the world did you do that to them?

And I wonder whether Valerie Jarrett is just naively babbling ignorantly about the wonders of preventative-medicine-by-force, or just giving another cynical push to a stale Obama lie.

Some moms are now reacting negatively to the accumulation of liberal lies, as liberal Thomas Edsall admits in the New York Times. For instance, the Trump voters that previously voted for Obama no longer think that the Republican Party is exclusively the party of the rich. Forty percent of them think that the Congressional Republicans favor the rich, but 42 percent think that Congressional Democrats favor the rich. In other words, folks disillusioned with politics-as-usual think that both parties favor the rich. But only 21 percent of them think that billionaire President Trump favors the rich.

I am trying to think beyond the trivialities of vile political talking points, or whether conservatives are doomed because they are out of ideas, or whether Sanders and Corbyn can really inspire the youth into a new new left as the media wants.

Yet today, with the collapse of conservatism into Trumpism, we have no popular ideas that offer Millennials an alternative to marching in the ranks of the left. All Millennials know is the metrosexual culture and a twentysomething life attired in artistical black. The highest and best thing they know is to go for a soldier in the activist wars. The left is ratcheting further and further left, forever increasing the rigor of Basic Training in Peace and Justice run by its terrifying SJW drill instructors.

Excluded from this hyperpolitical metrosexual world are the deplorable white working class and increasingly the non-white working class. And what about the world of immigrants? Here in Florida the folks helping look after Lady Marjorie’s ailing mother are the most worthy and hard working people in the world: the aides that work beyond the call of duty, the night security guy that is training to be a nurse, the nurse manager that is earnestly building her own business. These people are honestly pursuing the American Dream, while the left is doing everything it can to divide them from the American mainstream and tempt them to drink from the poisoned chalice of identity politics.

One way to think is that the left is the pied piper leading the Millennials out into a dark and trackless waste. But I think that they are really leading them into a maelstrom, as the arc of politics bends into a vortex of oblivion.

And we conservatives, we libertarians, we traditionalists, what do we have to say to inspire Millennials with a better, kindlier worldview and to make sure that the rising working class gets their shot at the American Dream?

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, Also see his American Manifesto and get his Road to the Middle Class.



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